Friday, October 13, 2017

Fall 2017

School Year Off to a Great Start!

FALL 2017-2018 

This year's start has been the biggest and the best yet!  Each year The Chase Academy has the greatest joy of expanding.  This year we've expanded so many things:
  1.  A New Deland Campus for K-5th Elementary.
  2.  A student body of almost 60 students.
  3. Two High School Rooms: Freshman & Seniors.
  4. Our FIRST Senior Class!!
  5. A New Life-skills (8th-12th grade) Training Classroom.
  6. New Electives that include Guitar, Computer Applications, Drama and Foreign Language.
  7. Five brand new teachers and Two new assistants.
  8. New Computers in EVERY classroom and new laptops & printers for each teacher.
  9. New Life Skills Center renovations progressing
  10. New C.A.P.E. Crusaders monthly donor program created

While its a remarkable thing to see an idea become reality and then grow from two rooms to two schools, there are so many unanticipated growing pains associated with getting so much bigger.  When I think I can't go on, I take a look at the video below and know that these faces - these kids - make it all worth while. 

Stay tuned and we'll explore some of these new programs in more detail, but for now, enjoy our First Quarter Video:

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Look Back

This is our Village...

We never forget that the work we do changes lives.  Meet our children and get a glimpse of the experiences they have as students of The Chase Academy.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Join our VILLAGE of Supporters as we build the Academy for Independent Living

Preparing Students with Autism for a Purposeful Life.

Did you know?

  • It costs more than $8,600 extra per year to educate a student with autism.
  • Autism services cost U.S. citizens $236-262 billion annually.
  • A majority of costs in the U.S. are in adult services – $175-196 billion, compared to $61-66 billion for children.
  • Cost of lifelong care can be reduced by 2/3 with early diagnosis and intervention. 
  • The U.S. cost of autism over the lifespan is between $1.4 million (no intellectual disability) and $2.4 million (with an intellectual disability).
  • 35 percent of young adults (ages 19-23) with autism have not had a job or received postgraduate education after leaving high school. 
  • In June 2014, only 19.3 percent of people with disabilities in the U.S. were  working or seeking work. Of those, 12.9 percent were unemployed, meaning only 16.8 percent of the population with disabilities was employed. (By contrast, 69.3 percent of people without disabilities were in the labor force, and 65 percent of the population without disabilities was employed.) 
~ Autism Speaks

For Volusia County Residents that means:

·         2013 population in Volusia County estimates that there are 5,691 people with Autism currently residing in our county (based on census and application of 1:88* CDC statistic).  * Recently lowered to 1:68
·         Given the data on the expense, 55% of those (having an Intellectual disability) would have a lifetime cost $2.4 million, or $ 7.5 billion dollars; while the other 45% (not having ID) would cost $3.5 billion dollars; A total of 11 Billion dollars in expenses for Volusia Residents.
·         Current statistics anticipate that about 4,553  (or roughly 80% of  5,691) will file for Social Security Disability at 18 and not pursue employment or higher education.
·         Based on current SSI data, these 4,553 Volusia County residents will draw a MAXIMUM total of $3,994, 627 a month in SS income. ($877.40 each) In one year, this will total $ 47,935,524 from Social Security for Volusia County Residents with Autism.
·        Minimum figures on SSI indicates $2,918,473 a month or $35,021,676 annually. ($640.50 each)
·         Assuming a life-span of 78 years, this means these Volusia residents with Autism will drain between $2.1 and 2.9 Billion from Social Security.

With Effective Education & Preparation:

·         CDC statistics state that 45% of those with Autism have an average to above-average IQ.  This would mean that in Volusia County, 2,561 residents diagnosed with autism have an average IQ or higher. 
·        Using the CHASE Educational Model & our Academy for Independent Living, we are targeting a greater percentage of those with autism to pursue employment, possibly as much as the general population (70% as opposed to 19.3%). 
 ·         If so, an additional 1793 residence would contribute to the economy and NOT collect Social Security Income.   
·         This would save the county between $1,149,313 and $ 6,995,778 ANNUALLY.  (This doesn’t take into account what they would pay into this fund as working residence.)

Join our Village as we prepare our students for an adult life of independence and purpose.

Sponsorship Flyer for the Academy of Independent Living

Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Chasin' the Blues Community Sponsors

We are SO grateful to our Community Sponsors from this year's Chasin' the Blues concert! These businesses now have banners that not only hung at our event, but will hang in our school's hallways year round.

Thank you again, we appreciate your support!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

MUSIC SPEAKS - Benefit Concert

Benefit Concert hosted by Lakehouse Records 

Proceeds benefit The Chase Academy's

      Academy for Independent Living
Preparing Students with Autism for a Purposeful Future

Tickets are available online at:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Silent Auction 2017 

Celebrity Memorabilia

  • We will take bids on these auction items until APRIL 5
  • We will have these items at the show on the evening of April 1, and those who attend can have the item immediately to take home that night. 
  • Items CAN be shipped to your residence if you bid online and can't attend.
  • Those who would like to bid, can INSTANT MESSAGE on our Facebook Page, email me at or TEXT a bid to 386-690-0893 (full name / item / bid)

Television Series Autographed Cast Pictures

Game of Thrones - Minimum Bid $800.00

The Walking Dead (Season 2) - Minimum Bid $800

Motion Picture Autographed Poster

STAR WARS: The Force Awakens 

(Includes Carrie Fisher) Minimum Bid $950

The Godfather - Minimum Bid $ 900

Autographed Record Albums

B.B.King  King of the Blues - Minimum Bid $600

U2 Unforgettable Fire - Minimum Bid $750

Beatles Abbey Road (McCartney/Starr) - Minimum Bid $950

Autographed Sheet Music

Eagles  Hotel California 

(Includes Glenn Frey) Minimum Bid $800

 Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Arnold Palmer (deceased) 11x14  Minimum Bid $600

Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson - Minimum Bid $600


Joe Montana, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, John Elway, Larry Csonka,
Lynn Swann, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Charles Haley, Mean Joe Greene, Deion Sanders
Lawrence Taylor, Steve Largent, Howie Long, Bob Griese, Micheal Irvin, Bill Parcell, Don Schula, Mike Ditka, and John Madden
Minimum Bid $2,000

Exclusive Vacations Getaways coming!!

Tickets are still available for $20.00 and should also be available at the door

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why Light It Up Blue this April?

The 7th Annual Chasin' the Blues Benefit Concert

Saturday, April 1st @ 7 PM

Daytona Beach's Bank & Blues Club

What's new and why do we keep lighting it up blue?  

  So much is new here at The Chase Academy, where we support Autism Education which provides our children with the skills they need to become life-long independent adults!

Blue is the color of Autism Awareness.  Its the color that countries all over the world use to light up the night on April 1st, International Autism Awareness Month!  This celebration was started by Autism Speaks, and brings Autism Awareness to everyone all over the world.  Here are few examples:

Here in Daytona, we light up the night with LIVE BLUES MUSIC!!!  Since April 2011, The Chase Academy has joined this celebration!  Here's what we have to offer:

Live Music from the Betty Fox Band

Celebrity Autographed Memorabilia
(Available for purchase on line!)

Beatles Autographed White Album
(2016 Auction Items)

Star Wars Trilogy Autographed by Cast

Vacation Excursions
(Available for purchase on line)

New Orleans Jazz & Blues 
Sip & Soar in Napa Valley
(2016 Auction Items)

Silent Auction Gift Baskets 

Silent Auction "Themed" Baskets

What's New here at the Academy is that we've leased an additional 2000 square feet right next door to our current location, and we plan to renovate the interior to match the inside of a house.  We are putting in a kitchen for cooking classes, a laundry room for, you guessed it, LAUNDRY classes; we'll have a bedroom so students can learn to make a bed from the mattress up, fold clothes and organize their room; lastly we'll have a large living/multi-purpose room for lounging and learning.  

Currently, we are purchasing curriculum geared towards specific Independent Life courses.  This new program will be integrated at some level (from 25% to 80%) of middle and high school course curriculum.  This will offer parents a choice of several diploma models ranging from Scholar  (college bound) to Vocational (career bound).  

All proceeds from this year's Chasin' the Blues will be put towards this renovation and we are HAPPY to accept any donations of cash, goods or services that would help us open this facility in time for the fall.

Please come on out and be a part of the Light It Up Blue campaign!  We have so much in store for an evening of great entertainment and terrific gift ideas - for yourself or someone else!  We'd love to see you there!

Stay tuned for the next Blog which will showcase our auction memorabilia and our available excursions.  You can bid on these items until the close of the concert April 1 by texting or emailing me directly.

Mimi Lundell
Founder/ Executive Director
386-690-0893 (text or phone)