Monthly Donor Program

At the $10 Level you are paying for:

  • 2 Kindle Fire HD Tablets and their insulated cases

  • Purchase 6 student subscriptions to IXL learning platform

  • Winter Carnival games prizes 

  • Math Night Freebies for 12 students

At the $30 Level you are paying for:

  • garden tools, seeds and soil for school garden

  • fund monthly field trips to 2-3 students who can't afford to pay

  • One classroom laptop for the high schoolers

At the $50 Level you are paying for:

  • Art canvases and matting for Drawing & Painting class

  • Garden picnic tables & umbrellas

  • 12 Kindle Fire HD tablets for student use

At the $200 Level you are paying for:

  • monthly groceries for 3 cooking classes

  • 2 music therapy classes per month

  • 1 student partial scholarship (average $2500)

At the $500 Level you are paying for:

  • the installation of our garden fence 

  • 10 IPADS for non-verbal or low-verbal students

  • 2 Smartboards for the elementary classrooms

  • Partial Scholarships for 2 students (average $2500) 

  • 5 classes of music therapy per month

Here at The Chase Academy, being a Super Hero doesn't require extraordinary powers! Family and friends can don their CAPES and become part of our new monthly donor program starting this November. For a monthly recurring gift of $10.00, your network can support the students of The Chase Academy by providing them with the funding required to expand our programming and to enrich the learning experience for our students.

This monthly program has the potential to have a great impact on the depth and breadth of the learning experience for our students! Learning can be enhanced both inside and outside the classroom!

  • Technology Account: Designed to add Smartboards to classrooms, Ipads to elementary learning, reading stations in every classroom; additional computers, and audio visual software and equipment.

  • Enrichment Programs: Projects like the school garden (our Verdent Classroom), the outdoor playground, and added Life Skill offerings will receive a boost from these funds.

  • Cultural Programs: The ballet, music and theatrical performances, museum exhibits, and more will be added as a cultural extension for our students at NO EXTRA COST by utilizing this account.

  • Scholarship Account: Families who don't have personal funds to offset the gap between tuition and their scholarship would be able to apply for the CAPE Scholarship, which would pay part or all of the remaining debt.

As you can see, by adding the new CAPE program, The Chase Academy experience is raised a notch! Your child's day will include many of the extra opportunities that our families have wanted for awhile.

Why the C.A.P.E. Crusader program?

We've long understood that tuition fees can and DO support our operating program. Our only problem is that there is never enough to EXPAND our program. After discussing and researching new ways to bring consistent funding into the school year-round, our board came upon the idea of a monthly donor program. The benefits of this program include a steady monthly income (something we don't get with quarterly tuition checks), an expanded donor base (meaning a greater community), and it only requires a nominal gift (such as $10.00) to have an impact. Using Facebook as a model, if our 820 Likes turned into 820 CAPE members @ 10.00, the school would receive a MONTHLY donation of $8200!! Annually, that means our school would have an extra $98,400 to put towards each of the programs above! No more Required Volunteer Hours Moreover, for those who can't volunteer 10 hours per month, by getting 10 people to sign up for an annual CAPE membership at the $10.00 rate, ALL 1000 hours would be fulfilled with no more effort! Each family would be credited with the $1000.00 of donation each month their network brought in through the CAPE Program.

We'd like to recognize those SUPERHEROES who become a CAPE CRUSADER on our behalf, so all annual donors will receive a car magnet, and a quarterly newsletter, letting them see how their donations are enriching the lives of these children! They can become an important part of our growth in amenities both inside and outside the classroom.


  • La-Man Corporation

  • The Father's Table Foundation

  • Air Systems of Daytona, Inc.

  • Estelle Evans

  • Janice Odenbach

  • Miriam Lundell

  • Alisa Milo

  • Ginger Pugliese

  • Ronald Bradley

  • Karen Gill

  • Laurette Proper

  • Migdalia Sydorko

  • Stephanie Hunt

  • Verena Tetley

  • Gail Filson

  • Amy Filson

  • Larry Mobley, Sr.

  • Susan Mobley

  • Jessica Hedrick

  • Merry Kay Nielsen

  • Chris Cooke

  • Bernie Martin

  • Kathy Sharp

  • Helen Russell

  • Christy D'Aliso

  • Stephanie Brown

  • Yolanda Remy

  • Nancy Racies