Friday, October 13, 2017

Fall 2017

School Year Off to a Great Start!

FALL 2017-2018 

This year's start has been the biggest and the best yet!  Each year The Chase Academy has the greatest joy of expanding.  This year we've expanded so many things:
  1.  A New Deland Campus for K-5th Elementary.
  2.  A student body of almost 60 students.
  3. Two High School Rooms: Freshman & Seniors.
  4. Our FIRST Senior Class!!
  5. A New Life-skills (8th-12th grade) Training Classroom.
  6. New Electives that include Guitar, Computer Applications, Drama and Foreign Language.
  7. Five brand new teachers and Two new assistants.
  8. New Computers in EVERY classroom and new laptops & printers for each teacher.
  9. New Life Skills Center renovations progressing
  10. New C.A.P.E. Crusaders monthly donor program created

While its a remarkable thing to see an idea become reality and then grow from two rooms to two schools, there are so many unanticipated growing pains associated with getting so much bigger.  When I think I can't go on, I take a look at the video below and know that these faces - these kids - make it all worth while. 

Stay tuned and we'll explore some of these new programs in more detail, but for now, enjoy our First Quarter Video:

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