Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sweet Summer Sweat!

 It's officially July but TCA hasn't slowed down one bit!!  

"Why, no Bella, Ms. Amy doesn't mind if you sit here!"
Michael is GREAT at the ABC Train puzzle!

We've got so many things going on here on campus as families from all bring their young campers to Camp CHASE:

Mrs. Deborah is helping Chris with his FIREWORKS Salt Art
 Camp CHASE 2016 is off to a big start with seven campers!  We've got several students who've returned for some summer fun, and then some new campers have joined us as well!  Everyone is enjoying their time as we explore different weekly themes making crafts daily and exploring websites that tell more about our topics! 
Aiden never tires of Mr. Potato Head!

Campers Ryan and Lisa enjoy Computer Explorations best!
Ryan and Aiden decide which bounce house is next!

 Don't worry!  There's plenty of fun too - we play games, watch movies and go to That One Fun Place weekly to bounce ourselves silly!

Meanwhile, Administrators are spending the summer developing all the new policies and procedures outlined in our spring accreditation audit for this upcoming year.  New programming affects almost EVERY area of our school!  Parents, Students & Teachers will see  policy changes across the board as we bring ourselves in line with these specific accreditation expectations.


Accreditation Standards are as follows:

Standard 1: Purpose and Direction                                                          
The school maintains and communicates a purpose and direction that commit to high expectations for learning as well as shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning. 
Standard 2: Governance and Leadership 
The school operates under governance and leadership that promote and support student performance and school effectiveness.
Standard 3: Teaching and Assessing for Learning 
The school’s curriculum, instructional design, and assessment practices guide and ensure teacher effectiveness and student learning. 
Standard 4: Resources and Support Systems
The school has resources and provides services that support its purpose and direction to ensure success for all students.
Standard 5: Using Results for Continuous Improvement
The school implements a comprehensive assessment system that generates a range of data about student learning and school effectiveness and uses the results to guide continuous improvement. 
For our administrators, this means formalizing programs that already exist on campus, giving them a formal presentation, data assessment model and review timetable, but also it means developing program models that better demonstrate our faculty and student successes through a variety of assessment opportunities.  
Involvement across the board will also increase as we provide for electronic attendance, and parent access to electronic grade books.  We will also provide quarterly parent workshops to better educate parents about the learning needs and styles of children on the Spectrum, and finally we will resurrect our Parent Advisory Board from 2015, as it aligns best with the communication and input or "buy-in" parents have within our school structure.  
Though this seems like a lot of work (believe me, it IS a lot of work), after we develop these systems and have them in place, you're going to have greater access to your child's education program, his teachers and the policies that shape his day.  The efforts are win-win for all the stakeholders at The Chase Academy!
We look forward to giving you more details as August approaches (The Fall Calendar is already posted under 2016-2017 Calendar), and we invite your participation at any and all levels of development as we move through this year.

Last MINUTE reminder: McKay and Gardiner Scholarships have fall deadlines:

  • Mckay requires Registration by July 3rd;  Enrollment in school by August 2nd.  Anyone missing this deadline will not be eligible for funding until October 2.
  • Gardiner Scholarship requires Registration by September 2nd for 100% funding.  Those filing after September 2nd will not receive 1st quarter funding.   
 Please keep these deadlines in mind

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