Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chasin' the Brews on Saturday, November 21!

Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company

The Chase Academy partners with DeLand's Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company to raise funds to support our High School's accreditation efforts!  Our "celebrity" bartenders our pouring on their best efforts to get YOU to Tip for Autism!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 21st from 6 pm to 10 pm as local "celebrity" bartenders pour for YOUR tips to help Autism!  Your donations will determine who IS our Best Celebrity Bartender?!

Daniel Scire
Wells Fargo - Branch Manager
Our FIRST Celebrity Bartender Daniel Scire and his family are all long time Delandites!  Daniel grew up attending Stetson Baptist (where Ms. Mimi was his teacher!) before attending Deland High and Daytona State College. Many will recognize Daniel from his years as manager at Boston Coffee on New York Avenue or the Seminole Town Mall before joining Wells Fargo!

Two years ago Daniel re-established his relationship with The Chase Academy by nominating us for not one but TWO Community Grants, available through Wells Fargo Bank!  We were happy to receive these grant funds and to have Daniel back in touch!

Currently managing the Orange City branch, Daniel has a son named Austin, and he spends his free time running and traveling.  He recently returned from a long trip to Italy - the country of his people (mine too)!  IF YOU would like to donate in support of Daniel by "tipping" him online, just use our DONATE button, located on this page and tell us you're tipping Daniel in the comments!

Rachel Fleishman
Our SECOND Celebrity Bartender is Rachel Fleishman, long time Delandite and recent graduate of Rutger's University with her Bachelors in Communication.  Rachel also grew up in Deland and her parents are well-known.  Dr. Ivan Fleishman is a Psychologist whose private practice has been located in Deland for many years.  He works with many families on the spectrum and is a favorite guest speaker at our parent workshops!  Mom is an attorney, as are many of the Sands family; but best known may be grandma Renee Sands, who has led the Sands Theater, a community theater, for years.

In her free time, Rachel enjoys yoga, baseball and "reading a good book on the beach!"  IF YOU would like to donate in support of Rachel by "tipping" her online, just use our DONATE button, located on this page and tell us you're tipping Rachel in the comments!

Ben C. Collins
Founder of Collective Church
Our THIRD Celebrity Bartender Ben C. Collins is better known as the "mayor" of Deland! Ben is the founder and director of Collective Church, a congregation drawing people together on the thresholds of faith: those with their foot out the door and those hesitant to step in.  He is an adjunct professor in the Religious Studies department at Stetson University where he teaches Biblical Literature.

Ben and his wife Stacey have a four-year old daughter, June, and a one-year old son, Huck.  Ben is an athlete, musician, surfer and spends his free time eating, drinking and watching too much TV!  IF YOU would like to donate in support of Ben by "tipping" him online, just use our DONATE button, located on this page and tell us you're tipping Ben in the comments!

Come join the festivities on Saturday OR if you can't join us, tip your choice for Best Celebrity Bartender online!  Tip now, Tip often!!

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